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Twitter Chat | Networking 101: Life Hacks for Summer

Tune in every 3rd Wednesday at 12pm PDT for our monthly #livecreativechat. Our next chat is Wednesday, June 21st, where we’ll be covering some networking life hacks to make your summer productive AND fun. Add the date to your calendar below so you don’t forget!

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Twitter Chat | Interviewing 101: How to Close the Deal

Tune in every 3rd Wednesday at 12pm PDT for our monthly #livecreativechat. Our next chat is Wednesday, May 17th, where we’ll be covering how to close the deal in your interviews. Add the date to your calendar below so you don’t forget!

Check out the recaps for our previous #livecreativechats on work-life balance, resumes, and personal branding.

Also be sure to consult our resource guide on interviewing tips and tricks!


The Value of a Co-Branded Twitter Chat

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right: The value of a co-branded Twitter chat

In the past couple of years, Twitter chats have become a social media craze, and rightfully so. An engaging tool designed to allow users to share knowledge, find exciting new content, and network among like-minded peers, Twitter chats are increasingly being used to foment meaningful dialogue around key issues across industries.

So how they do work? A Twitter chat is often formed by inviting Twitter users to “meet” online at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, which is identified as a designated hashtag. Users assign this hashtag to each tweet contributed. Usually, a host or moderator will post questions to prompt responses from participants, while encouraging interaction among the group. On theme with the rapid-fire sharing of information so characteristic of Twitter, Twitter chats often last just an hour, but pack a meaningful punch every time.

The benefits of Twitter chats are apparent for creatives, who spend a lot of their time on social media sharing creative content and discussing new trends in their fields. And whether you’re a creative or represent a company, there are numerous benefits to participating in Twitter chats. Just ask Creative Circle: The national creative staffing firm decided to start their Twitter chats in August of 2016, covering topics from personal branding to presentation skills, and engaging both new and current creatives to join their roster for available gigs. After eight rounds of Twitter chats, Creative Circle partnered with Orangenius to create a fresh dynamic and enhance the ongoing conversations about what it takes to run a successful art business and emerge as a creative entrepreneur.

Where the Story Begins…

Orangenius’s CEO, Grace Cho, was linked to Creative Circle’s CMO Adam Bleibtreu through a mutual connection, a local New York recruiter. Upon meeting, it was clear that Orangenius and Creative Circle would form a natural partnership. Orangenius is an online networking platform for the creative community; a place where creatives can manage their career with dynamic portfolios, bios and other asset management tools. Creative Circle is a specialized staffing agency that connects those very people with companies seeking talent on a full-time or freelance basis. Orangenius and Creative Circle decided that their first collaboration together could be a co-branded Twitter chat: Resume 101. The chat would discuss some of the most relevant strategies for getting your resume in shape, a necessary tool if you want to thrive as a creative entrepreneur.

The Value…

Both companies wanted to provide valuable information and insights through their co-branded Twitter chat to those seeking guidance about their creative careers. Each organization, however, had different goals for their company’s interests in mind. Orangenius saw value in partnering with Creative Circle, an established brand with a large social media following within the creative community. By working with such a brand, Orangenius aimed to grow their social media following in a targeted way, and become known as a resource for the creative community. Creative Circle saw value in partnership as well: to have another unique perspective from a platform providing tips for their creatives, and to develop a meaningful relationship with a long-term partner with similar objectives.

While each company provides different sorts of opportunities for creatives, they both provide content to their audiences to help them obtain valuable guidance on their careers. The co-branded Twitter chat was designed to use that common goal to foster a partnership through active participation and collaboration.

The Takeaways….

How to engage quickly with followers

The Twitter chat was no joke! Despite having prepared some answers to the Twitter chat questions ahead of time, the thought-provoking participation from followers challenged Orangenius representatives to come up with additional answers in the moment. Orangenius wanted to provide content of real value to those joining the chat, while also doing it in a timely manner! It was definitely a lesson in thinking on our feet.

Tapping into Twitter as its own social media platform

Orangenius had been using Twitter as an after-thought; sharing articles, events, and pictures that the company was initially sharing on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This experience taught Orangenius representatives how to respond under pressure, while showcasing the interesting discussion tool Twitter can be for the creative community with a very distinct purpose of its own.


Of course, Orangenius wanted to use the opportunity to promote their platform! The Twitter chat topic, “Resume 101,” was the perfect chance to share Orangenius’s Bio feature, which is a new, dynamic, and customizable approach to the standard resume.

Engaging with a new audience

Creative Circle has been able to engage their audience on social media in the past, but the company knew they needed to take it to the next level. Impacting a new audience of creatives and providing them with cutting-edge tools for their job search, Creative Circle walked away from the Twitter chat having stepped it up for their original followers and having expanded themselves to a new audience.

Appreciating another subject-matter expert

Although Creative Circle considers itself a subject-matter expert when it comes to the job search, having another company with similar expertise weigh in benefited and added value to these chats. Orangenius could offer a unique perspective on the creative resume, and was able to provide Creative Circle’s audience with a new approach. The saying “Two heads are better than one” was demonstrated through this partnership. Creative Circle surpassed our goals of engagement and impressions through this Twitter chat.

Both companies left the experience with a deeper understanding of the value they can provide to our audiences, who are creatives seeking to learn how to advance their careers. Whether that means helping them increase network, expose their personal brand, or give them content that is applicable in their career, both organizations find it very important to serve the creative community through both their core services and related social media initiatives. Ultimately, Twitter chats are a great way to engage new and existing Orangenius and Creative Circle members with relevant, up-to-the-minute tips and advice – and the dialogue sparked in their first round has provided a framework for scores of Twitter chat discussions to come.

Personal Branding Digital Mindfulness Header

Personal Branding 101: Digital Mindfulness

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

If you’re a creative, then what you offer is a product. And we’re not just talking about the product of your work, but the caliber of it, the unique approach you take in everything you do. Just like Apple and Microsoft have different approaches to computers, so do you have a unique approach compared to other creatives in your field. In order to give employers a sense of what that unique approach is, you need a consistent and specific message that follows you wherever you go: your personal brand.

In this edition of our monthly #livecreativechat, we turn to Twitter to learn more about how everyday creatives are branding themselves and how to make that brand even stronger. Check out the highlights below!


Personal Branding Q1

To start, understand your audience and determine which social media platforms they use the most. If you have a lot of options, keep in mind that you don’t need to be on every social media platform! Really zero in on developing your personal brand through the mediums which benefit your brand the most.


Personal Branding Q2

Think about how you want to be perceived in general and which parts of your personal and professional life reflect that. Remember to show the real you as much as possible by molding your professional brand to who you are personally. It’s easier to keep consistent if you’re always being yourself!


Personal Branding Q3

Identify your unique traits/strengths and figure out how to portray it on your social media platforms. Let people know who you are and what you stand for! If you’re looking for more resources on professionally showcasing the authentic you, check out this article.


Personal Branding Q4

Start by thinking about the key elements you want people to associate your brand with. From there, branch out to finding the staple features that represent you and those qualities. Keep consistent on all social media platforms to make you easily identifiable to the audience.


Personal Branding Q5

Our favorite personal brands are those that stay authentic to who they are personally. Being honest can be vulnerable, but taking that risk is what sets you apart!


Once you have a clear sense of identity, every piece of self-promotion – whether it’s your resume, portfolio, or LinkedIn – will be that much easier to make. When you have a target you’re trying to hit, it’s easier to aim!

Be sure to check out our next Twitter Chat in April, where we’ll be talking about perfecting your portfolio. If you like reading tweets, be sure to follow Creative Circle on Twitter and check out our #livecreativechat every third Wednesday of the month at 12pm PST. Until next time, keep living creative!

Resume 2-17 Twitter Chat Header

Resume 101: The Basics

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

It’s hard to cram your life story into an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – especially as a creative. How can you possibly fit everything you’ve learned, all your thoughts and drafts and successes, into a professional and appropriately sized white space?

With our co-host, Orangenius, we tackled these and other big questions on making and perfecting that elusive creative resume in our monthly #livecreativechat. Learn how to turn that piece of paper into the story YOU want to tell by checking out our creative resume guide and the highlights below:


Resume Livechat Question 1

Creatives are visual thinkers, so an infographic resume answers a lot of questions you can’t with a written one. Check out the Creative Circle blog for tips on incorporating infographics into your application.

If you’re looking for more resources, be sure to download our mini resource guide on Resume Secrets to Success


Resume Livechat Question 2

A resume should show your progression as a creative and tell the story of where you want to go. Readability should be your number one priority in tailoring your resume, so be sure to focus on a natural flow of ideas and quality typography.

Learn more tips and tricks to a good resume through this video, or download our mini resource guide on Resume Must Haves.


Resume Livechat Question 3

Including links to your portfolio or a current project is the perfect way to showcase yourself through a resume – just be sure your work is up to date and relevant to the job you’re applying for. If you need a way to get started, LinkedIn lets you export your information into a professional-looking resume in PDF form.


Resume Livechat Question 4

Add a personal touch to your resume by including your past experiences and the unique possibilities you’re able to offer to the reader. Check out how you can use your resume to begin a conversation through this article.

To download our mini resource guide on Resume Secrets to Success, click here


Resume Livechat Question 5

Many companies are using websites like Indeed, Linkedin, CareerBuilder, and Monster to find resumes. Go the extra mile and connect directly with hiring managers through thoughtful, personalized emails with your resume attached.

To download our mini resource guide on ways to Get in the Know, click here.


Resume Livechat Question 6


Take time to make sure your resume is always up to date and have it saved in a place where you can easily access it – you never know when or where that next opportunity will strike.

If you found these tips and tricks helpful, be sure to tune into our monthly #livecreativechat at 12pm PST every third Wednesday of the month. Until then, check out our full resume guide and see how your resume stands up.

Work_Life Balance Header

Work-Life 101: Creating Balance in the New Year

#LiveCreativeChat Recap

Sometimes it feels impossible to finish a day completely satisfied – there’s just never enough time! Still, while it can be tempting to put work before everything, sometimes it’s those personal passions which can make the difference in your career. In January 2017 we called on the Twittersphere to find out how everyday creatives find the balance between their personal and professional lives. Find out from Creative Circle and fellow creatives how to make time for the things you need AND want to do in our #livecreativechat highlights:


Balance Livechat Question 1

Take note of how important your career, passions, and relationships are in your life – it can start defining what balance means to you. How much time do you invest in each part of your life? How much time do you want to invest? By nurturing the passion in some parts of your life, you can have and maintain passion for all the things you do. We love Passion Planner as a way to set personal goals for yourself so you never get too bogged down to do what you want to do.


Balance Livechat Question 2

Project management can be useful in your work and social life. Consider using tools like Trello and Zoho to share projects and help with accountability so you’re not taking work home with you. You can organize in the same way with personal projects – sometimes putting a nap on your calendar is just as important as that 11am meeting.


Balance Livechat Question 3

If you don’t have any goals – set some! Come up with three for your personal and professional life, then see them through. Start small and realistic and find a partner to hold you accountable. If you’re looking for resources, check out this article to help you make resolutions for your career.


Balance Livechat Question 4

We recommend blocking out time in your schedule for you to do what you need to do – even if that’s taking a break! If you’re too in-your-head at work, put an event in your calendar for some personalized, work-friendly video workouts with Sworkit.

By setting aside time for yourself, it becomes that much easier to say no to a work overload and say yes to the things that bring you joy. Read more about it here.


Balance Livechat Question 5


There’s nothing better than being direct with a company. Ask them up-front: do they value quality over quantity? How many hours are you expected to work? Is there an option for flexibility? Learn more about navigating flexible work options through Our Notebook.

Check out our other Twitter chat recaps and other helpful resources on Our Notebook, and be sure to tune in at 12pm PST every third Wednesday of the month for the next #livecreativechat.