#LiveCreativeChat Recap

Summer used to be the time where all you did was hang out, sit in the sun, and take it easy. Now, it just means you have to go to work when it’s hot out. How are the summer months any different from the other seasons anymore?

Well, if you take that attitude, they aren’t! Creativity is just a change in perspective, and so is summer fun. Embrace the bright days and balmier nights with a creative eye, and you’ll be able to see summer for what it can really be: a breath of fresh air.

Hear about what some other creatives are doing this season in the recap of our monthly #livecreativechat to Stay Creative for the Summer. And be sure to check out our next Twitter Live Chat on the third Wednesday of the month at 12pm PT, 3pm ET.


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q1

Summer is all about leisure and enjoying life to the fullest, so allow yourself time to try new things. What’s on our agenda? Travel. We’re looking forward to soaking up #SummertimeChi on Lake Michigan with our CHI team!


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q2

Summer is always jam-packed with creative events and activities. For us, we’re feeling festivals and hanging outdoors.

Looking for something to do? The city that never sleeps has some great events planned for the summer!


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q3

We’re all about creative reads. Check out what Buzzfeed thinks every creative person should be reading, as well as The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry and The Art of Work by Jeff Goins.


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q4

From all the ocean blues to the radiant yellows, summer is filled with color that inspires us all in unique ways. Take away the dark colors from winter/fall and break out the bold for the summer – and don’t forget the millennial pink!


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q5

Haven’t settled on a medium yet? Test a few out! Experimenting with different mediums is important for every creative, so take the time to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. After all, summer is all about taking creative risks.


Staying Creative for the Summer - Q6

Ask yourself how this summer season enriched your life experience, and allow yourself to continue to grow in the next season. Just because summer moves on doesn’t mean it has to disappear from your life! Break out your summer creative enterprises to add positivity to your day when winter images get too gloomy.

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