#LiveCreativeChat Recap

Sometimes it feels impossible to finish a day completely satisfied – there’s just never enough time! Still, while it can be tempting to put work before everything, sometimes it’s those personal passions which can make the difference in your career. In January 2017 we called on the Twittersphere to find out how everyday creatives find the balance between their personal and professional lives. Find out from Creative Circle and fellow creatives how to make time for the things you need AND want to do in our #livecreativechat highlights:


Balance Livechat Question 1

Take note of how important your career, passions, and relationships are in your life – it can start defining what balance means to you. How much time do you invest in each part of your life? How much time do you want to invest? By nurturing the passion in some parts of your life, you can have and maintain passion for all the things you do. We love Passion Planner as a way to set personal goals for yourself so you never get too bogged down to do what you want to do.


Balance Livechat Question 2

Project management can be useful in your work and social life. Consider using tools like Trello and Zoho to share projects and help with accountability so you’re not taking work home with you. You can organize in the same way with personal projects – sometimes putting a nap on your calendar is just as important as that 11am meeting.


Balance Livechat Question 3

If you don’t have any goals – set some! Come up with three for your personal and professional life, then see them through. Start small and realistic and find a partner to hold you accountable. If you’re looking for resources, check out this article to help you make resolutions for your career.


Balance Livechat Question 4

We recommend blocking out time in your schedule for you to do what you need to do – even if that’s taking a break! If you’re too in-your-head at work, put an event in your calendar for some personalized, work-friendly video workouts with Sworkit.

By setting aside time for yourself, it becomes that much easier to say no to a work overload and say yes to the things that bring you joy. Read more about it here.


Balance Livechat Question 5


There’s nothing better than being direct with a company. Ask them up-front: do they value quality over quantity? How many hours are you expected to work? Is there an option for flexibility? Learn more about navigating flexible work options through Our Notebook.

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