Have you ever wished you knew more about getting through college than being told, “Congratulations, these are the best years of your life?” As much fun as college can be, it’s also meant to be your first step into a career and life as a professional adult. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult – or uncreative.

At Creative Circle, we’re all about attracting, retaining, and placing top talent, and sometimes that means starting your journey right. If you’re interested in a future as a creative or you’re just nervous about getting through your college years, we want to help!

These handy guides include insider tips, best practices, insights, and ideas to help you make the most of your college experience. Below, we’ve broken down four jam-packed years into four easy guides, year by year — give them a read and put this inside info to work for you!

Mini College Guides

Pick your year and download our mini-guides for quick tips on getting from freshman to senior year and beyond!

Creative Circle + Orangenius – College Resource Guide - Freshman
Creative Circle + Orangenius – College Resource Guide - SophomoreCreative Circle + Orangenius – College Resource Guide - Junior
Creative Circle + Orangenius – College Resource Guide - Senior


Full College Guide

If you want to plan your college experience from start to finish, download the entire guide that includes freshman through senior year below!

Creative Circle + Orangenius – College Resource Guide - Full


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When you’re ready, put your candidate application materials to the test! Check out Creative Circle’s other Career Resource Guides for tips and tricks on developing your resume, portfolio, or interview skills.

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