If there’s one good thing that came out of the 2016 election season, it’s that Twitter, as far as social media platforms go, is hotter than ever. I know you know the basics: the retweet, the favorite, the reply, etc. But do you know how to navigate a live Twitter Chat?

What’s a Twitter Chat you ask?

At its core, it is as a group of like-minded individuals coming together – on Twitter – at a set time and date, responding to a moderator’s questions, sharing thoughts and leaving inspired on a certain subject. Oh, and most importantly, using a specific hashtag.

Think of it as a book club, just with a topic instead of a book and with tweets instead of face-to-face conversations…

Why participate in a Twitter Chat?

First and foremost, participating gives you a chance for your voice and thoughts to be heard among an audience of like-minded individuals. Second, you will learn something, or be reignited by something you already knew. Third, being active in a Twitter Chat will expand your circle of individuals within your industry (aka more followers). There’s nothing to lose!

Need a starting point?

You’ve come to the right place. @Creative_Circle just celebrated the anniversary of their Twitter chat called Live Creative Chat. Recent chats have been on Summer Activities that Fuel Your Creativity, Interviewing 101: How to Close the Deal and Portfolio 101: The Basics. Participate, expand your circle and gather tips on what it takes to run a Twitter Chat for a year. Oh, and don’t forget to use #LiveCreativeChat.

Connor is a 22-year-old Creative Circle intern and college student. Currently based out of New York, Connor is working towards a Public Relations and Advertising major with a minor in Real Estate and a dream of starting his own travel company. Outside of the classroom, he can be found trying out a new restaurant or checking out a current art exhibit.